When Morgan was a boy, he jumped the walls of Basedt and fled into the hellish wastes of the ash tundra. He would become the only man to escape an unceasing storm that has isolated the city from the rest of the world for over a hundred years.

Although he finds a normal life in the world outside of the storm, Morgan is haunted by a grief that is his and his alone. Unable to reconcile with the memory of those he left behind, he becomes the only man to escape the storm—and to return.

Morgan wades through the ash and snow of the black woods, chasing after something with his hand outstretched. The bodies pile behind him, entwined in the thick roots of the pines...

Content warnings

Basedt represents a tonal low for Moribund. It deals with death, famine, hunger, war, violence, suicide ideation, death cults, apocalypse scenarios, familial abuse, generational trauma, broken relationships, and mental illness, among other things.

These are blanket warnings for major thematic elements in Basedt. Particularly graphic or heavy pages may have more specific content warnings attached.



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Basedt is written and illustrated by 1ore for the world of Moribund.